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Community Profile

Population – 3,256

(as of 2010)


Annual Avg. Temperature is 63.5 degrees
January Avg. is 25 degrees
August Avg. is 80 degrees
Annual Avg. Precipitation is 28.10 inches
Annual Avg. Snowfall is 3 inches
Elevation is 1,274 feet

Education and Enrollment:

Public School Budget is $7,500,000.00
Average SAT Score is 998
Elementary Enrollment is 362
Junior High Enrollment is 170
High School Enrollment is 184

Nearby Cities and Colleges:
Abilene, Texas  90 miles
Dallas, Texas 130 miles
Fort Worth,  Texas 100 miles
Houston, Texas 340 miles
Lubbock, Texas 200 miles
Wichita Falls, Texas 40 miles
Midwestern State University- Wichita Falls, Texas
Vernon College- Vernon, Texas & Wichita Falls, Texas
Ranger College- Olney, Texas

Health Care:
1 Hospital
3 Active Staff Physician Doctors
2 Dentists
2 Nursing Home Centers
Trained Emergency Transportation

Largest Employers: (As of May 2014)
Tower Extrusions = 340 employees
Air Tractor = 265 employees
Olney Independent School District = 160 employees
Olney Hamilton Hospital = 125 employees
Brazos Telephone = 30 employees
Fort Belknap Electric = 28 employees
Cemco = 25 employees
City of Olney = 25 employees

Local and Out of Town Newspapers:
Olney Enterprise
Graham Leader
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Dallas Morning News
Wichita Falls Times Record

Financial Institution:
First State Bank- Olney
Olney Interbank- Olney

Government- Mayor & Council
Planning Commission- Yes
Zoning Regulations- Yes





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